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The Build On Beauty Podcast


Thanks for visiting the Build On Beauty Podcast. I invite you to peruse our episodes and listen in on what we've been doing here. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and listen in on what I and my guest have to say. My team and I are working tirelessly to bring you our very best with every release.  I hope something said will make you smile, laugh, think and most of all, change. Change your life, your relationships, your finances, your decisions for the better. Before you leave be sure to subscribe or download the app for updates and pertinent details on every single episode we release. I promise you won't regret it. I appreciate your support. Happy listening! And until next time let your soul be made whole. Take care!


Cornell Jermaine 

Feb 25, 2015

This last and final episode of the Pretty Purposeful Series will help listeners determine what they would do whether they had to or not. This self observation will stir listeners in the direction of finding out exactly what they have to offer and fine tuning that gift or talent to make the most of their life. 

Feb 25, 2015

This fifth episode of the Pretty Purposeful Series is meant to make you aware of the discomfort, unease and unsettling most of us feel in our lives. 

Feb 25, 2015

Our life's oppurtunities are a direct connection to our hidden capabilities. In this fourth episode of the Pretty Purposeful Series you will be challenged to reflect on your personal position. And how the life you've been living is lending clues as to who you are and what you have to offer. 

Feb 25, 2015

This third episode of The Pretty Purposeful Series sheds light on what others have to say about us and how that should affect our life. Discover when and why it is important to listen to and value what others have to say. 

Feb 24, 2015

This episode is a continuation to The Pretty Purposeful Series which is designed to help women find their purpose in life. The conversation continues with a subject matter everyone dreads. No one wants to be alone but what if you found out being alone was vital to your life's discovery? Aloneness is the absence of...